Ditto and Back At Ya'

Ack_2A lovely "Acknowledgments" note was posted in the Room of Requirement today on jkrowling.com.  There's no trick to getting in the door this time, just click on the eraser and then the door handle and you're there. 

I particularly enjoyed the comments at the end directed toward her daughter, Jessica.  I've often thought what a weird way that would be to grow up--sharing all the ups and downs, having your friends ask you for secrets or take it out on you when the story doesn't go the way they want it to.  That's a lot to deal with at an age when even kids without famous mothers go through rough spots....

So to Jessica Rowling (for sharing your mum with the whole world) and to everyone else on JKR's list, thanks from me too (a little ole' crazy fan) for helping to bring us all Harry.

And most of all, thanks Jo...for bringing us all together and for a truly wonderful story.