Nightmares Anyone?

After listening to the first chapter--via the reading here--everything I've supposed and everyone I've thought was too sacred to kill and therefore safe--POOF!  I challenge anyone who says these are just kids' books to read this first chapter to a 10 year old....and then sit up with them for a week of nightmares of meeting the same fate as poor Charity.  And, of course, she had to make her say those magic words to draw us back to the death in Half-Blood Prince--"Severus, please."  I know Frank Bryce's murder was no fairy tale, but this is sooo much darker than I was expecting straight out of the gate.

And Tonks and Lupin...please not Tonks and Lupin....

Somehow all thoughts of that cat nap I was going to take have flown out the window--I don't think I could sleep if I wanted to.