Dsc06301_2Alright kids, it's almost 1 a.m.  I'm back from my Potter partying, curled up on my couch with my book, and ready to dig in.  Despite having listened to it already (twice) I'm going to start by reading that horrifying first chapter again.  Here we go....

Dedication Page--I was kind of hoping she'd do some sort of dedication to the fans, and look, she did.  And it's in the shape of a lightening bolt too.

Pre-Chapter One--Hmm, two quotes about death...this is something new.  And maybe not a very good sign.

The Dark Lord Ascending--In addition to what I said earlier about this chapter, the Malfoys seem about ready to run.

In Memorium--If it's at all possible I like Dumbledore more after reading about his family.  My very first thought on reading it was "Sister?"  But, now the big mystery is what happened with his sister?  That and the gleaming blue Harry saw in the mirror.  And Dumbledore's father--the Percival Dumbledore was named after presumably--a muggle-hater?  Maybe he understands Harry's troubled childhood better than I've thought.

The Dursley's Departing--Awww, Dudley!  I'm touched--of all of the Dursley's I expected Petunia to break down, but I was wrong.  Also loved the allusion to Hagrid chasing down the Dursley's to give Harry his letter.  And the moment where Vernon and Harry both wondered the same thing--would Harry go rescue the Dursley's if Voldemort got them?

The Seven Potters--Hedwig....Hagrid---I'm only at chapter 5 and I'm already crying....I was almost laughing at the beginning, the 7 Potters, Siruis's motorbike--but looking at the next chapter heading I'm really afraid Hagrid isn't getting back up....but why did Voldey vanish?  And what the heck is Stan Shunpike doing there?  Imperiused I hope.  But I'm glad they know what's his face at the ministry really is bad.  And this flight scene is going to be amazing when they make the movie.

Fallen Warrior--And now I'm almost crying because he's alive, but if Hagrid's still with us...who's the fallen warrior?  And also, Snape's the one who told Voldey Harry was being moved on Saturday--things are not looking good for my "I Trust Severus" t-shirt....And George's ear--you can tell the twins apart now--what a sad, sad joke.  Poor Andromeda Tonks--two screwed up sisters and she looks like the psycho one.

Mad-Eye....fallen warrior is right, can you imagine him dying in any other way than in battle?  And once again Hagrid was trusted with Harry, and Hagrid came through.  I worry that Lupin seems to be getting bitter....but waiting for everyone to arrive safely, oh my goodness!  Well, almost everyone....Please, Jo, you're killing me here--tears are flowing every other page!  But from the looks of the next chapter heading maybe things are about to get a little more cheerful...

The Ghoul In Pajamas--Smart girl that Hermione, summoning the books about horcruxes before leaving Hogwarts.  I cheered when I read that part.  But modifying her parents memories and sending them to Austrailia....I've often wondered about Hermione's parents.  Really, unless you count a few weeks at Christmas when she and Ron were fighting during HBP they haven't seen her for more than just a little bit in years.  Kind of sad for them, and her.  And Ron with spatter-whatever--made me giggle.  If you'll remember he was accused of having that disease by a portrait in St. Mungo's in Book 5.  Molly is starting to bug me--they've got to go woman, let them make good plans first for goodness sake!

The Will of Albus Dumbledore--Charming witches..."it's not all about wandwork"--HA!  I needed that...."I open at the close."  At the close of what Dumbledore?  This chapter reminded me forcefully of the Lord of the Rings where Galadriel gives each  member of the Fellowship a gift that comes in handy later.  The book--entertainting and instructive, the putter-outer--remember me when you use it, the snitch--perserverance....and the sword.  They're going to need that sword. 

And another thing--what's up with Lupin and why can't he be where the minister it possible--there's no way it is, but could he be the one who talked to Snape?  Maybe in exchange for something that would make him stop being a werewolf?  But then Bella's so into killing Tonks?  It can't be Lupin....but someone certainly told Snape the plan....

The Wedding--"Your Holeyness"--the ear jokes should be getting old, but somehow they're not!  Poor Ginny and Harry....and (we knew he had to come in somewhere) Viktor.  This'll make things exciting with Hermione and Ron.  OMG!  OMG!  The funky triangle thing is Grindenvald's sign!!!  And Gregovitch is the other wandmaker!!!  And, and, and (this was several chapters ago, but I have to throw it in)  I was right about Olivander being taken by force...although, I almost wish I wasn't....

OMG!  (Sorry, I'll try and quit all that soon.)  The Dumbledore's lived in Godric's Hollow, DD's sister might have been a squib who was done away with by goodness knows who....and then that last part--"They're coming."  Holy ----! 

OK, you knew something was going to happen at the wedding, there wasn't anyway around it.  Waiters, disguises everyone can see through....But still there's something up with Lupin....

And even though I figured the wedding would get busted up, it kind of bums me out--remembering the end of HBP when Harry just wished for one golden day with Ron and Hermione....

A Place To Hide--I've got half a breathtaking second I though Mad-Eye was alive again--it's weird that one of the trio said that earlier, and then you heard his voice....what if he's the one betraying the Order?  But then, if that's the case it seems like they wouldn't have wanted to blast him out of the sky--they would've wanted to keep him as a spy.  Hmmm...

Kreacher's Tale--Are we finally going to find out about the locket?  Oh no, Harry, don't go there--don't start doubting Dumbledore--stay loyal to him, remember?  Ahhh!!! R.A.B. is Regulus--the handwriting is the same, the handwriting is the same!

The Bribe--Oh thank goodness!, that's what's up with Lupin--Tonks is pregnant.  I love the idea of the last Maurader going along to protect Harry...but that's not good news for him (Lupin), is it?  And Harry calls him Reamus....  Or maybe he's not going....oh, please don't let them leave angry....

LOL  "Perhaps just one more for luck!"

Magic Is Might--Kreacher the wonderful house elf--I like the change, and I liked the fact that things were kind of quiet, for a chapter at least--it was getting to be stressful.

The Muggle-Born Registration Commission--*Sigh*  I don't think Harry has ever learned to properly control his temper unfortunately.  But I'm glad he let those muggle-borns free--it was reminding me too much of Nazi Germany, someone had to do something.

The Theif--Nasty, I guess I didn't get that right the first time.  Umbridge wasn't using an eye that looked like Moody's eye, she was using Moody's eye.  Say what you like about the rest of the book, but JKR certainly has her evil imagery down--from the floating muggle-studdies professor getting eaten by the snake, to using dead people's body part--yeck!

So now we're onto the blond guy.  It's so weird to not have them in school--I have no concept of what date it is or anything.  I know September 1st has passed, but beyond that it's hard to tell....

The Goblin's Revenge--Oh Ron....I think maybe one of the major themes of this book is that they're all going to have to get over their fatal flaws--Harry's temper, Ron's way of getting childish, Hermione's ....well whatever her fault is.  If only Rufus Scrimgeour had just let Harry have the sword.  And know everyone's on the run, hiding out....  I'm still so bummed that Hedwig's dead.  And yeah to Mr. Lovegood and the Quibbler!

Godric's Hollow--the tombstones have to be clues....and the statute in tribute to Lily and James....and the mark on the stone--c'mon Harry and Hermione, wake up!

Bathilda's Secret--The house, it's just what they needed....or not.  And now Harry's wand is broken--that's not going to work well....and it looks like Voldey's figured out who the theif is too.

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore--huh--so now the blondey is Grindenwalde.  After spending the last few chapters angry at Harry and Hermione for mistrusting DD, all of a sudden I'm starting to doubt him myself.  Not really, but....what's up with him and the muggle-haters?

The Silver Doe--This story is getting so weird.  I kind of miss the framework of Hogwarts, although I don't know how the heck they could have plausibly gone back there.  But Dumbledore told Ron to remember him when he used the puter-outer.  There doesn't seem to be an obvious connection there now....And where did the silver doe come from.  I can't remember right off what Ginny's patronus is, but...that doesn't make any sense anyway.  And he came with a wand--how handy!  But they didn't question him to be sure it was really him--although who else would've known to destory a horcrux, I guess.  On the upside--one horcrux down.

Goodness, just looked outside and the sun's starting to come up--it's almost 6 and I'm on page...389?!?  That can't be right--goodness, this is taking awhile.

Xenophilius Lovegood--Um, did everyone just miss that?  He said the ear trump thingy was modeled on the head of Ravenclaw and no one noticed in the slightest.  And, at last, I think we're about to find out about the Deathly Hallows....

The Tale Of The Three Brothers--Hm...OK, the cloak, the wand, the stone--the story is supposed to be instructive.  And poor Mr. Lovegood!  But they still completely missed the Ravenclaw stuff!

The Deathly Hallows--He had to say the name--grrr....But Harry's usually right--and as Lupin said earlier in the book Dumbledore's last words to him were to trust Harry.  And besides the title of the book wouldn't be "Deathly Hallow" if they weren't important.

Malfoy Manor--Dobby....and why can't Voldemort be in the same place as the sword of Gryffindor....but now they have Olivander.  How did Dobby know they were there? 

The Wandmaker--

The FInal Hiding Place--2 down, or at least discovered....

oh ho ho the next one is called the missin mirror--could it be the mirror of erised?

The end--It's 9 in the morning, the sun is up, and I'm done.  The last few chapters are so crazy, I think I'm going to have to re-read a few times to take it all in.  There were so many casulties--it was a blood bath to say the least--I think most people who predicted a death or two are bound to have gotten a few right--but thank goodness Hagrid lived!  I'm so glad I wasn't right about that.  And dear old Severus...I was worried about him for awhile, but he came through in the end.  I'm still not sure about all the Dumbledore stuff, but at this point my eyes are swimming--I've officially been awake for about 26 hours now and sleep is needed.  For now though--to Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived!