Still Alive

CilantroNope, I'm not dead--just slowly awakening from a Harry Potter induced haze and picking back up...well, everything else.  Like my little neglected garden, the plants in which certainly owe their salvation to the smattering of rain we've had.  I finally put the book down this evening and nipped in to check on everything--the beans are in their heyday, the cucumbers are plowing on like troopers, the tomatoes are about done, and the pumpkins are being attacked by freaky looking little grey bugs, some of which met their death this evening.

But the main job waiting for me was to hack down the cilantro pictured above, which I purposely let go to seed to make coriander.  (The leaves are cilantro, the seeds are coriander.)  All the instructions I've found say to clip the plants when they start to turn brown, let them dry for a few days outside, and then whack them around in a bag to separate the seeds from the rest of the plant. 

It maybe that I'm still a little bummed about the end of the book (that it ended, not how it ended), but I'm really looking forward to the whacking part.