So It's the End, But Not the End...And Who Got the Reprieve

In an excerpt from her Today show interview (to be aired Thursday and Friday this week) JKR said she is intending to write that tell-all encyclopedia--yeah!!!  She emphasized that it won't be right away, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

She also gave away which character got the reprieve.  I was right about half of it--I thought Hagrid got the reprieve and Tonks and Lupin died in his stead, turns out Mr. Weasley was scheduled to be offed in Book 5 (not Hagrid) but Tonks and Lupin were the ones to take his place.  I knew one of the Weasley's had to die, but I'm really glad it wasn't Arthur--what would we have done without his jokes about plugs and finding out how airplanes stay up?