I'll Follow the Sun(flowers)

Img_2386There's just something great about growing plants that get as big as your house, especially when it doesn't take a miracle--or even really any water once you get them started.  I really understand why people say they're good for planting with kids.  And since I am sometimes kid-like in my wonder at plants and flowers, they're good for me too!

By the way, this is an example of why I write everything down.  I would swear on...well, on something important, that I planted Chianti sunflowers this year.  I remember all the details even--they're supposed to be about 7 feet tall and red.  When these guys started getting close to 12 feet and bloomed yellow, I was a little confused until I looked back and saw--sure enough--these are not Chiantis, but "Sunzillas" just as the package said.