Tell Us More! Tell Us More!

Poor Jo Rowling!  I mean, sure, she seems happy, fulfilled--and then there's the fact that she's a gazillionaire--but I after reading every tidbit from her interview on the Today show website I almost feel sorry for her.  For the rest of her life, everywhere she goes there are going to be people asking her questions like, "What career did Albus Severus Potter choose when he grew up?"  and "What is Hermione's granddaughter's middle name?".

But, although the interview wasn't that detailed, it did fill in some of the gaps left in the epilogue.  Most notably she says Harry and Ron are both aurors and Hermione is "high up" in the department of magical law enforcement.  She also discusses how the last bit of the book changed from "scar" to "All was well."  You can watch the first part of the interview here and the second here--the today show website also has a few extra clips.

Very nice to have some closure, but there are those of us (me) who will always be ready for more.  Lucky for us, more of the interview will be on Dateline tomorrow night (7/6C), and JKR is hosting a web chat (at Monday morning.

Oh, and here's an article from USA Today (with audio clips) too!