Wednesday Poll: We're All Winners (In Our Own Special Way)

Good_job_blue_ribbonWhen I was little, we had (for the most part at different times) a small herd of goats, several dogs, rabbits, and even a few cows.  But with all that barnyard fun, I somehow was never a 4-H'er and never entered anything in the local county fair.

Not a big deal, but still one of those things I'd like to do before I die--I don't know why, just do.

So, this evening I am planning to enter a batch of Nice Mom's cranberry salsa--slightly modified, mainly to include cherries instead of cranberries--in the fresh salsa competition in the "Naturally Nutritious Food Festival" night at our county fair.

To cheer me on--and for this week's Wednesday Poll--what's something you've won that you're really proud of?  What about something that was perhaps a more dubious honor?

Comment and discuss.