Third Place Salsa

SalsaSo, because I know you all are dying to know (yes, that's a sprinkle of sarcasm), the salsa won third place.  There were five entries, so I guess that makes me average--not bad for a first try. 

We had a great time, too.  There were several categories within the "Naturally Nutritious Food Festival", and after the judges were done everyone there got to taste the dishes.  Everything was so creative--there was an awesome herby-veggie-potato-salad, a tofu blueberry pie, blackberry ice cream, a tangy herb and lemon "earth holding water" tea.  There were also a few contests just for the kiddos.  One of the winners was an orange and ricotta pancake that I think we may have to try soon.  Oh, and the first place salsa was to die for!  Can't wait for next year.