My Last Plug, I Promise

FgThe "Firehouse Dog" DVD came out this week, so I have to get one last proud mama moment in (well, at least until the book Moe's going to be in comes out in October....).

For those of you who are new, Moe was one of 400 dogs that won a contest on Dogster to be in the credits of the movie when it was in theaters or in a montage in the special features on the DVD.

When I told Sweet Husband about the contest, his smart aleck remark was something along the lines of, "Wow, that's brilliant marketing, now at least 400 people will go see the movie."  Alas, I think it goes a few steps further than that.  It also meant 400 people would be plugging the movie to their poor friends, buying the DVD, and blogging about it too.  (Guilty of all of the above!)

But truly, if you're into Disney-fied dog stories (again, I'm guilty), it's not a bad movie.  The Irish Terrier that plays the lead is cuter than any non-Welshie has a right to be, and the kid's kind of winning as well.  Even more important, of course, is that Moe is on the DVD not once, but twice!  He somehow made it into both the credits and the montage.  I don't think that was actually supposed to happen.  I think each dog was just supposed to be in one or the other, but, well, you know how it is--he's just that good looking. ;)