The Egg to End All Eggs


Tonight's post was going to be about Gladys.  How she's gone into her typical broody period and is giving us evil eyes and won't get off the nest.  Again.  And how we're not getting chicks this year because everyone miraculously survived the winter, so we're full up with 10 ladies.

But then someone laid this egg, and everything changed.

It's the biggest egg I've ever seen.  To give you an idea, the egg to the right is about the size of a typical, large grocery store egg.

"I think a duck snuck into the coop," Sweet Husband said.

"Except that even our ducks never laid eggs that big!"  I replied.

Leave your wager in the comments as to the number of yolks it has.  I'm guessing at least two.  But if it has three I'll post about it again, because that has to be really rare, right?