This Could Have Been Life Changing

I'm not a beer drinker.  Never have been, maybe never will be--even the good stuff makes my throat close up a little like I'm going to vomit. 

This has never been a problem so much as it was in my college days.  I was an amicable party guest, perfectly willing to BYOB; but often the drink I brought was a bottle'o'red.  And somehow precious few college boys--and the house parties were always at the houses of boys--own one of those little silver keys to the divine, aka a corkscrew.  Yes, I eventually learned to travel with my own, but before then, or if my corkscrew had been left behind, the memories....

Picture if you will, a group of gallant--possibly already slightly inebriated--young men standing around a countertop staring intently at my merlot:

"Well, we could just break off the neck...."

"Or maybe we could stab it with a knife and then pull it out?"

"Hey, why don't we just push it through!"

Needless to say, I learned to enjoy the tang and texture of bits of cork with my wine.

But then today, while aimlessly browsing the web, I found the most amazing solution.  On a website called "Instructables"--which would be a really cool site even without the next part, as it seems to offer step-by-step instructions for almost anything you could want to do--I found these directions for opening a bottle of wine with only a piece of string!

Brilliant!  Incredible!  If only I had known then....

Thankfully, most people I hang out with now do have a corkscrew somewhere, but I may have to tell them to pretend they don't just so I can try this nifty trick.