I Heart Petsitting

1Sarah, if you're reading this, you should know we pretty much adore your dog.

To the rest of you--really, you would too. 

My Nice Friend Sarah asked me to check in on her pretty Cocker, Madi, a few times tonight, as she was going to be out of town.  I went over after work to feed the little dear dinner, but when I went to leave she looked up at me like, "Really?  That's it?  You're going?"  So, I scooped her into her crate and brought her home to see if she would get on well enough with our two to visit for the evening.

After the initial butt sniffs and doggy how-to-do's, the visitor was playing reasonably well with Moe and showing proper respect to alpha-bitch Porter.  I tortured her with the camera a bit of course, (because that's just what I do to guests) and then we sat down to dinner. 

To be fair, dinner this evening was an on-the-couch-in-front-of-the-TV affair, but I've seen some tricksey little beggars (ahem, Moe) and I think this little girl has them beat!  She began by curling up, almost-but-not-quite in my lap, and batting her pretty eyes ever so innocently.  Then she gradually moved just a teeny bit at a time until her nose was at plate level, flashed those big eyes up again sheepishly, and cocked her head to the side as if to say, "C'mon...just a little bite...please...I won't ever tell, I promise." 

Of course, her begging went unrewarded (really, Sarah, I promise it did), but she didn't really get scolded either.  Such behavior in either Moe or Porter would have earned an unceremonious toss off the couch at the least, but somehow it's cuter when it isn't your own dog.

And speaking of cute...well that isn't something this dog has a problem with.  Moe can be cute, if there's something in it for him, but at heart he's sturdy and intense.  From her little stubby tail, to her furry paws, to her liver colored nose, to her polite little "woof," Madi is a cute and cuddly. 

She knows it too!  Sitting on the couch watching TV she had a heck of a time nosing into Sweet Husband's beard; and just you try not to laugh as a fifteen pound flurry of fur tickles your ribs with her nose and paws in a message to "pet me, pet me!"

And while all of that isn't something I'd really want in my own dog ('cause I love me an independent little terrier), I have to admit it's kind of fun to try out someone else's pup every now and then.  So anytime you're going on vacation....