Floatin' in Dog Friendly(?) Tahoe

190905167s_2With some effort we were able to find places to eat with Moe, although there were a lot of places--even places with big outdoor patios--where there were big "No Dogs" signs.  The biggest surprise was that Moe wasn't allowed to go into the farmers market in Tahoe City.  Granted it was next to a beach where dogs weren't allowed, but the market itself was on a parking lot so it just didn't make much sense to me.

On the other hand, judging from the behavior of some of the dog owners we saw I kind of wonder if the restrictions we encountered weren't the result of past problems.  In the neighborhood where our cabin was we encountered at least three or four dogs that just regularly roamed off-leash.  Granted there was little traffic, etc., etc., but there were bear problems in that area, not to mention lots of other walkers (like me).  It was ok for us--'cause we kind of like dogs--but if you didn't or if you were afraid of dogs it would not be a good neighborhood to live in. 

More dogs were leashed in the downtown area, but even there I saw a few off leash which was definitely not smart as there was a ton of traffic!  I also saw lots of unpicked up poops.  Basically, it wasn't anything I don't see at home every so often, but it seemed like it was happening all the time in Tahoe.  With stuff like that going on, it makes it easier to understand why the businesses were less than welcoming of the Wee Welshman.

190904819s_3But back to the beach.  The first "dog-friendly" beach we went to (the Coon Street Beach in King's Beach, pictured above, if you're curious) was not-so-friendly.  It was less like a beach and more like boulders that had been tossed in the water.  The second beach we went to (the Carnelian Bay recreation area, pictured at left) was lovely though, and Moe had a great time running up and down the beach and biting at the little waves.  We found the second beach from this article, which makes great suggestions of things to do with your pup in Tahoe if you're ever thinking of going.

As a last treat of the day (and checking off another thing suggested in the article), we went to the Scraps Dog Bakery in Tahoe City.  Even though he was a little tired, Moe perked right up as soon as we walked in.  They had a huge wall of squeaky toys and a huge wall of treats.  We picked a few fun things from both and headed home.

More pictures are here.