Would You Like a Cupcake?



It's not a secret, at least to you dear readers, that I like to photograph food.  But, while I take pictures of my own food all the time, I hadn't gotten the opportunity to play with someone else's food until very recently.

I got hooked up with Maggie, of Magpie's Pastry, through a friend, and was so excited to photograph her gorgeous cupcakes and other goodies for her new website.  

For reals, can you think of anything more exciting than an afternoon with cupcakes?

And her two adorable children were wonderful photo assistants, too.  (She has three adorable children, but the baby wasn't big enough to hold a reflector!)

Anywho, go check out her new site, Magpie's Pastry, and--if you're local--try her out for an order of cupcakes.  

And if you happen to need an affordable food photographer, drop me a line.  This was too fun not to continue!