Wednesday Poll: Have You Noticed Them Yet?

The ads to your left right, I mean.  I debated long and hard about putting them up--it seemed a little like tattooing my baby.  But, although the wonders of Typepad aren't terribly expensive, they aren't free; and I ultimately decided that if they can pay the bills (and maybe even for some upgrades I'd really like to make) they'll be worth it. 

I also really like the Blogher Ads' (the company I chose to go with) set up.  You can object to ads with any content you disagree with and they throw in some public service announcements.  Further, they also include four or five rotating headlines from other blogs who've signed up with their service, to give everyone increased exposure (see directly under the ad).  I've already noticed some extra traffic from the headline that went up for my "California  Moe" post.  While my attitude has always been that I write what I want to and everyone else can take it or leave it as they please, it is nice to have more ways to get stuff out there.

With all that being said--although I know it's not nearly as fun to think about as last week's question was--for this week's poll:

What do you think about the ads?  About ads on blogs in general?  Do you just ignore them?  Do you ever click them?  Do you believe they influence what or how people write?

Comment and discuss.