The Wonders of Nature

Dpp_0008Monarch Watch is an educational outreach run through KU.  They encourage and educate people to plant butterfly friendly plants as "way-stations" for Monarchs and other butterflies as they migrate between here and Mexico.

I think we saw butterflies at every possible stage--as caterpillars, in their delicate chrysalises, mating, flying, and even one that one of the volunteers said was fluttering his last.  It was incredible how tame they were, for lack of a better word.  Cutie niece had one that rode on her hands and shirt for several minutes, and I saw several other little girls enjoying them in their hair. 

Next week, Monarch Watch is having a butterfly tagging event (where they put little tags on the butterflies' wings so they can track their migration)--stay tuned for further coverage....more pictures of the open house are here.

After our morning of butterfly fun, Nice Sis and Cutie Niece went home, and we had a...well, a slightly more adult encounter with nature. 

Our Nice Neighbors have a large tortoise named Tony.  Another neighbor found an escaped tortoise wandering the streets, and brought him to them thinking he was theirs.  The escapee was, in fact, not Tony, but another creature altogether.  A creature who proceeded to, um, make love to my neighbor's shoe.  (If you are going to be offended by a turtle penis, please do not click below.)

Fortunately, the owners of the errant tortoise were soon found, and Nice Neighbor got his foot back.