Wednesday Poll: Is There a Doctor in the House?

200_2When I woke up Monday morning, the tickling sore throat I'd had all weekend had blossomed into a full blown, achy, nose-dripping, sinus-pressure-so-bad-it-felt-like-my-right-eye-should-be-popping-out cold.

After calling in sick to work, I started casting around for some drugs--I sincerely believe knocking yourself out and sleeping through it is the only cure for cold and flu--when I realized we were out. Even more troubling, I realized--with Sweet Husband gone on work and Nice Mom several hours away--there was no one I could call to get me NyQuil or soup or 7up or any of the other things essential to weathering out whatever bug I'd caught.

As much of a ninny as this makes me sound like, I was a little forlorn. As I sat on the couch sniveling into a rough paper towel (no Kleenex in the house, of course), I thought back and realized that between my mother and my father and my husband, I've never had to completely fend for myself when I've been sick. In almost 27 years, there has always been someone else there to take care of me.

Eventually, I made it to the store and got what I needed, of course. But it made me feel a little silly at what I had taken for granted--that everyone has someone to take care of them when they're sick, that everyone has close friends and family that love them enough to bring them a bowl of chicken soup. I thought of all the people who are alone in the world for whatever reason; or even just some of my single friends who moved away from their parents for college or married later than I did--all of whom surely have had to fetch their own cold medicine from time to time....

And, although I also felt like a big baby, I felt blessed that I had always had someone there. Well, at least, as blessed as you can feel between sneezes.

So, for this week's poll:

Who took care of you as a child when you were sick? What did they do that was especially comforting? When was the first time you had to entirely take care of yourself?

Comment and discuss.