Spicy Squash Pasta

2For the past few years, this has been my very favorite Fall recipe.  This is the recipe that taught me that I like squash.  It's sweet and spicy and creamy and chunky--it's Spicy Squash Pasta.

Follow the link to get the recipe (it's another Martha, although it's a few years old).  I always end up fudging on the spices--I can never remember if the bottle I have hiding in the back is sage or thyme, so I always end up with two of one and none of the other.  However, as long as you have the pepper flakes, garlic (add extra), and at least two of the other three, it works just fine.  (I always skip the parsley.  It's just for color really, and I think the herbs by themselves (coupled with some lovely spinach pasta if you have it) do that just as well.)

The only bad part is--even if you cut the squash into small pieces prior to roasting--it takes at least an hour to get it all together.  But, as previously mentioned, the sauce is even better after hanging out in the fridge for a few days, so make it on a weekend and stash it away for a night you get home late.  Then you just have to boil the pasta and you're good to go.

Mmmm....squashy goodness!