Cleaning Out My Stash, Planning New Projects

Img220Without fail, every year right about the first of fall my hands start to kind of itch for something crafty to do.  I think it's a nesting thing, making the house cozy for winter and all of that....or maybe it's just that it's now cool enough to have a lap full of yarn or cloth or whatever....

At any rate, this weekend I pulled out some old projects I'd set aside and started thinking about some new ones.  I have a tendency to go crazy and buy materials for five or six different things--which, of course, then never all get finished--so I have a nice stash of unfinished projects built up!

But I'm going to try not to do that this year.  This year I'm planning.  This year I'm using up stuff I already have.  This year I'm going to get these three projects done before I even think about starting anything else.... 

First, this weekend I finished embroidering the edge of this Welshie quilt square that I started over a year ago.  The plan is to make it into a bag, I think.  Or maybe a lap quilt.  I may have to buy some more fabric, but I'm hoping I can use up at least a few of the odd scraps hanging out in my spare room closet.

Img221Second, I also got a start on a pretty crocheted hat (the pattern for which is in this book).  I bought the yarn and book to make it...oh, maybe three years ago?  I've started a few times before, but had trouble (for some reason I can't remember) and got frustrated.  It seems to be going well this time though; I have the top part done, at least.  Maybe it just needed to stew a bit. 

Last, I'm going to make an afghan to donate to the Victory Junction Camp.  I found out about this camp through future girl, who found out about it through Vivi.  You can follow this links for more information, but basically it's a camp for kids with chronic illnesses.  They get to do all the typical camp stuff during the day, as well as some fun extras like Nascar cars and hot air balloon rides.  Each night the kiddos bunk-in under homemade blankets, and everyone gets to take an afghan (made by volunteers such as moi) home with them. 

It seems like a worthwhile project, and I've joined the group of other people doing it (over at "Tricot du Coeur") so that part will be fun too.  Oh, and the afghan isn't due 'till the end of March--also very good, because it might take me awhile!  I did have to cheat and buy new yarn for this one (because I didn't have enough of any one color anyway) but it's for charity so it doesn't count, right?

How about you all?  Is the (now officially) autumn air making anyone else feel crafty?