A Quick Snack for Quick Naps


[This post is sponsored by Yoplait.  A big thanks to them for helping a new mama get some nourishment!  Please click on the links for more great snack ideas.]

Little Miss's nights are beginning to get so routine that I'm waking up to feed her before she wakes up to eat.  Hang out with papa until 10:30 or 11.  Sleep.  Wake at 4 to eat.  Sleep.  Up again at 6:30 for a snack and snuggles.  Sleep.  Up for the day at 8:30 or 9.  It's not that perfect every single night, but we're getting close.  More importantly, we're getting decent sleep.  (Hallelujah...and knock on wood.)

Her days, on the other hand, are still anyone's guess.  Sometimes she takes a real nap, sometimes it's 15 minute catnaps all day.  Sometimes she'll sleep in her crib or chair, other times only mama's chest will do.  

What this means, I've discovered, is that when she does fall asleep I have to prioritize re: getting my own bodily needs met.  Because sometimes there will be time for a hot cup of tea and a real meal, and sometimes it's only a few minutes to shove food in my face before the tiny, hungry peanut wakes up again.

As such, I was happy to get an email last week asking me if I wanted to try Yoplait's new light yogurt.  


I normally don't do "diet" or "light" food, because I can't stand the taste of fake sugar.  Give me the real-deal and I'll just have less of it, please-and-thanks.  But the "new" part of this stuff is that it has no aspartame, so yay to that!

It also has a nice shot of protein and calcium--two nutrients I have trouble getting enough of in my day-to-day--so it's a much better quick snack than a lot of other food I could get my hands on during one of Little Miss's 10-second sleep days.


Should she choose to rest a bit longer, however, Yoplait has put together a whole Pinterest board full of add-in ideas.  Some of them are delightfully grown-up--White Russian, anyone?--while others would work nicely for a fun snack for the Kid, too.


So, now that my tummy is taken care of, time to straighten the counter.  Or, maybe I'll just put my feet up to s'more Downton Abbey  and leave these flowers right in the midst of it all to distract from the mess?  Until the ravenous one awakens again....