Martha's Orgasmic Beef Bourguignon

Img_3768_2That Martha lady--there's a reason she's both a domestic goddess and a gazillionaire.  Because, although they are certainly not of the 30-minute or just-toss-it-in-the-microwave variety, many of her recipes instantly invoke the head tilted back, eyes closed, throaty moan that usually only makes an appearance when...umm, yup, her beef bourguignon is really good.

I made the beef part (as well as the roasted mushrooms and pearl onions) yesterday afternoon, and then made the potatoes with parsley tonight after work as the beef was reheating.  I halved the amount of meat and wine, but used the full amount of everything else (which made plenty for dinner for two, as well as a few lunches worth of leftovers).  It was sweet and tender; nice enough to be worth getting out the good china, but comfy as a hug from Mom.

I could really get used to this pre-cooking-Monday-dinner-on-Sunday-afternoon thing.  A lovely less than a half an hour...on a Monday night..."it's a good thing!"