I Milked a Goat Today

After a charming angora yarn spinning demonstration (more on that in a later post) we continued on to Holy-Field winery

Honestly--even though I've been a native Kansan for most of my life--when I think "Kansas wine" my next thought is usually "ehhh, whatever."  But actually, the little tasting we had Holy-Field was not bad.  We tried a group of five of their drier reds, and I'd say there were at least three that I would happily drink on a regular basis. 

(Oh, and there are at least two other vineyards that we didn't get to see, so if you're coming to Lawrence soon we're all about giving a wine tasting tour!)

We followed our tour map to a creamery, a bee farm, and a poultry farm (from which I will buy my chickens some day), that were a little less organized, but still fun.  Then for the last stop of the day we hit the Wakarusa Valley Farm.

Img_3910I gathered from our tour guide that Wakarusa grows a little bit of everything, but by far the most interesting part was their mushroom growing operation.  We walked through the mushroom house, and learned all about the temperature and humidity and growth period--mushrooms are a whole little magical kingdom, I'll tell you what.  Wakarusa also apprently sells Morel mushroom spawn, which--our guide explained--you're supposed to mix with wood in an old fire-pit-like spot.  Sometimes they grow, sometimes they don't--it's a 50/50 chance--but I think it's a gamble I'll have to take once we have the proper sort of space. 

On the whole, it was a very fun and very educational day.  A few more pictures are here.