In the Ground After All

Img_3984Despite the less than optimistic forecasts, this morning was sunny and cool.  The wind yesterday afternoon had dried out the ground so that it was not too soggy to work, but still damp enough to make digging easy.  In short, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect morning to clean up the Burrow garden and plant my garlic.

I started by giving everything a good dig-over and rake to get rid of the weeds that had taken up residence.  My little rosemary bush got some TLC, and then I started plunking in garlic cloves.  They ended up taking more space than I thought they would--about a third of my plot for next year is now already planted--but from watching other people garden this year, I think I'm going to plant more intensively next year anyway.  The nice paths I left this year only ended up being a place for weeds, whereas the people who just planted their entire plot not only still have plants making fruit, they still don't have any weeds at all.  I think that's the way to go.

And now the Burrow garden is all tucked in for the winter...and ready to go for the Spring.