Candy Filled Broomsticks

Img_3549I made these a few weeks ago--because I'm one of those people who are crazy and start celebrating holidays way too early--however I've held off posting them 'till now because, well, I realize not everyone appreciates my jump-the-gun tendencies.

It's another Martha idea.  I often find her crafts to be ludicrously complicated (or stuff you can buy cheaper and better than you can make it)--not so with these guys.  I bought small lunch sacks at the craft store rather than the full-size ones the directions suggest, and I sanded down the sticks a bit so they wouldn't inadvertently stab a young trick-or-treater.  I also made sure to pick out wrapped candy (Reese's peanut butter cups, rather than candy corn) so that the sticks (which were definitely not sterile, although I did rinse them off) wouldn't come into contact with the eatables. 

Trick-or threat anyone?