Wednesday Poll: A Dillar, A Dollar

MoneyThis past weekend Sweet Husband and I sat down and did a huge overhaul to our budgeting system.  We'd reached a point with the old system where, while we weren't getting into more debt, our level of debt was not decreasing either.  Which is not so good for the savings-thing, or the wanna-be-house-buying-thing, or a lot of other grown-up-y things. 

So we plugged some holes, looked at where we can cut back, and I think hammered out a new in-flow/out-flow that will make us a little more accountable. 

And because all this has me thinking about the subject, for this week's Wednesday poll:

How does your budgeting system work?  What's your favorite tip for cutting back?  What's your worst splurge?

Comment and discuss.