UnleashedThere was a little package waiting next to my mailbox when I got home today, and when I saw the label I'm sure my reaction led my neighbors to believe I might be a little insane.

It was Moe's book!!!

About a year ago, I got an email from Lisa Wogan--a contributing editor at the Bark magazine, among other things--saying she had seen this video of Moe playing in the sprinkler on YouTube.  She wondered if I would let her include him in a book she was writing about dogs who play in non-traditional ways--i.e. not organized dog sports, just stuff for fun.  A few months later she interviewed me, Moe had a little photo shoot, and--voila--now we have the book!

And he looks so great!  I hadn't seen the pictures before today, but they turned out so well!  And he's on the very first page! 

The book doesn't officially go on sale until next Wednesday, but if you'd like a copy you can order it here. And, even if you just flip through it in the book store, leave a comment and let me know--I'm excited to see how far and wide Moe is going to spread!