Mind, Body, Love :: An E-book

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Way back in the dark days of winter, KC emailed me with a proposition.  She had a burning idea for an e-book.  Not one full of projects for kiddos or 50 ways to organize your clutter, but rather a book to nourish mothers--mind, body, and soul.  Would I collaborate with her?

I wholeheartedly said, "Yes!" and Mind, Body, Love was off and running.

If you are a mama--or if you have a mama who needs a Mother's Day gift, perhaps--I encourage you to head over to our Mind, Body, Love site and purchase a copy.  We ended up with a group of the most wonderful contributors--check them out and read a free excerpt here--who wrote about everything from herbal bath soaks to difficulties in finding local girlfriends when you're raising little ones.  Reading over everyone's work as I've edited it these past few weeks has been like sipping a glass of red wine at the end of a long day.

Even better, the $5 donation we're asking for the book will go 100% to buy safe birthing kits through Rescue Gifts.  Who needs a massage when you can give a new mama and her baby a better start in life?  (OK, maybe I do.  But both.  Think both!)

To kick off our e-book release, I'm also giving away one copy of Mind, Body, Love here.  To win, leave a comment below.  I'll pick a winner Thursday night.