The Heartland Harvest Hunt

Img_4123Our first frost was glittering on the ground early this morning, as Moe and I headed out for the Heartland Working Jack Russell Terrier Club's "Heartland Harvest Hunt".  We've only been to this trial twice now, but both times it's really been very nice.  As the only Welshie for miles Moe is pretty recognizable, but several of the club members remembered my name too and I'm incredibly more nondescript!

We started the day with a little racing.  Last year Moe raced in the novice class, and--due to his lovely long legged-ness--won pretty decidedly.  This year he was bumped up to the regular adult class and didn't have such an easy time.  He stayed with the pack well enough to come in fourth in both the flat race and the hurdles, but in comparison to the front runners it looked like Moe was moving in slow motion.  (I was a little glad.  Don't get me wrong, I like to win, but it's better when it's a little more hard fought.)

Next we did some go-to-ground.  Moe had a try at the super go-to-ground (which is an extra complicated go-to-ground maze) but couldn't quite figure it out.  He busted through the regular tunnel though--it took him 6.6 seconds to get to the rats, which was a good enough time to earn first place in the open adult class.

All in all it was a lovely day, more pictures here.  Stay tuned for the conclusion of Moe's 2007 earthdog season next weekend in Iowa!