Wednesday Poll: I Google

Not long ago, I read a big-brother-is-watching-you themed article about how Google is slowly and steadily gathering more and more personal information on people who use its services. 

Now, I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist, but I think the author has a good point.  Chances are you use at least a few Google applications.  Think about it--Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, Google Reader, Blogger--they're just all so darn nifty!  And when you put together a little information here, a little there...well it's easy to see how it could start to add up to a pretty good profile of who you are.

As the author points out, most of the ramifications are in advertising (as in, companies can target ads at you) but I also think it can be surprising what someone doing just a regular old search can bring up. 

So, for this week's Wednesday poll:

Go Google yourself.  Are you surprised by what came up?  Do the results paint a good picture of who you are and what you're doing?  If an old friend were trying to look you up, would those be the things you would want them to see?

Comment and discuss.