One Out of Four Wasn't Bad

Next, we headed to Clinton Lake intending to hit three boxes within close proximity of each other.

At the first box on our route, Clinton Lake #2, we found the trail marker we were supposed to, found the proper tree, found the rocks behind it...but no letterbox.  I double checked, looked at the surrounding trees just in case I had figured my bearings letterbox.

So, we went on to Clinton Lake #3.  At last, we had a find!  And--although it's a somewhat frowned upon letterboxing practice--it was hidden in the loveliest little tumbling down stone wall (pictured above).  It was such a great spot!  Moe sat nicely tethered to a tree while I popped a squat on a mossy patch of ground and exchanged stamps.  (And, while I don't want to give away too much, the stamp was quite appropriate for the day our favorite football team won their 10th game this season!)

As I said, we were intending to go after one more Clinton Lake box (Clinton Lake #1), but by that time my wee Welsh letterboxing buddy--who was carrying our stamps and paraphernalia in his backpack--had walked almost a mile and was clearly getting a little tired.  I decided that our one find was nice enough to make up for the other three and we called it a day.

(Letterboxing: P0 F5 X0 / Geocaching: P0 F2)