Wednesday Poll: Saving Thanksgiving

Colorturk1_2It's not that I don't like Thanksgiving.  I'm actually very fond of Thanksgiving. Really--stuffing, chicken and noodles, pies, parades on TV, a four-day weekend--what's not to love? 

It's just that, being rather young-ish still, I always celebrate at someone else's house.  Which, even if I volunteer to bring a few things, leaves me without much to do in the time leading up to Thanksgiving.  And without stuff to do, I get into trouble.

Because, you see, although I'm trying my darnedest to hold out until next weekend, I'm beginning to feel my fingers prickling to go dig through our big red box of decorations for that other holiday--you know, the one in December?  Every year it seems that particular box starts calling me just a little bit earlier, because, after all, I don't have Thanksgiving to get ready for, so why not?

In an effort to make Thanksgiving a bit more interesting and stem the December holiday spread, for this week's poll:

What is something unique that you are thankful for?  Canned answers like "family and friends" are not allowed (because we're all grateful for those if we've got 'em).  Go outside the box a little--maybe something that might seem silly to everyone else, but makes you happy nonetheless?  Maybe something with a little story behind it?

Comment and discuss.