Joyous Jumble Holiday Food Challenge

As I mapped out my Christmas baking, I noticed that four of the items I was planning to make fit neatly into several blog parties/carousels/challenges I've seen posted here and there. (To wit: Grow Your Own, Monthly Mingle, Festive Food Fair, and Retro Recipe Challenge.)  As they're a good way to make new blog-friends, and since I've been baking my little heart out anyway, I decided it would be fun to participate.  You can look forward to a little bit of holiday sweetness from me for each challenge in the following month.

But there was a small problem.  Although I found four challenges that worked perfectly, I was planning to make five holiday recipes.  My poor, lonely fifth recipe was going to be left out in the cold. 

I just couldn't have that; after all no one should be out in the cold at Christmas-time!  So, I've decided I'm going to host my own little food bloggin' party/challenge, custom made for recipe number five.  Here's the plan:

Jjlogo_2 The Joyous Jumble Holiday Food Challenge

December is a month of holidays--from World Aids Day to New Year's Eve, from Night of the Radishes to Boxing Day it seems like there's something to commemorate or celebrate almost every day.  For this "Joyous Jumble", pick a December holiday that you would not typically celebrate and make a food associated with it.  It can be sweet or savory, difficult or super simple, traditional or with your own special twist--have fun!

If you have a blog of your own, post your creation with a link back to this post (feel free to steal my little logo).  Then, using the subject line "Joyous Jumble", email me at blackbird13ATgmailDOTcom with the following information:

  1. your name
  2. your blog
  3. a link to your post
  4. a picture of your holiday food

If you don't have a blog of your own, just email me your name, a link to the recipe you used, and a picture of your holiday food.

All submissions need to be to me by December 20th.  I'll post all of your marvelous creations shortly thereafter!