We Planted Our First Letterbox!

Img_4285Moe and I planted our first letterbox today!  Here's the clue if you feel like going hunting:

Lovely Lawrence #1: Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

To find this letterbox, you need to enter the building pictured, which is on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, Kansas.  (Hint:  You can see this building from the football field, and sometimes you can hear it even further away than that.)

Walk into the building.  It doesn't matter which door you go in, but to find the letterbox you must exit the door with the words, "in the vanguard" carved above it.  Directly in front of you, there will be a cement bench.  Facing the football field from the bench, look to your left.  You will see a wooden barrier that conceals a light.  Walk around behind the barrier.  Facing back towards the building, look under left corner of the barrier.  The letterbox is wedged between the ground and the bottom of the barrier, covered with leaves.

If you find the box, drop me a line and let me know what your think!

And I almost forgot--I left the Quasimodo Hitchhiker here for the first finder!

(Letterboxing: P1 F5 X0 / Geocaching: P0 F2)

1/6/08 UPDATE:  This box has been ever-so-temporarily removed for repairs.  I hope to have it back out shortly!

1/12/08 UPDATE:  The box is repaired and back in place!

4/23/08 UPDATE:  This box has sadly disappeared.  :(  I suspect it was removed by the University landscaping crew.  I will replace it eventually, but for now there's nothing there but a great view.