Notes From the First Trimester #1: The Discovery


[Firsts:  Thank you so much for all the good wishes!  Also, since several people commented on it, the Kid's shirt is from Revolution46.  We've ordered 2 shirts from them now, and they don't disappoint.

Seconds:  When I was pregnant with the Kid, we kept it a secret until we hit the 12-week point, thus I didn't write much about the first trimester.  This time I decided to write things down as they occurred to me and just wait to publish them.  Here is the first of several "Notes From the First Trimester".]

I suspected something was up about halfway into our stay with my Nice Dad and Step-Mom over Spring Break.  So, on a just-the-two-of-us late night trip to the grocery store to pick-up ice cream, I raised an eyebrow at my Dad, asked if he could keep a secret, and we headed to the "family planning" aisle for a pregnancy test.

I dutifully peed on a stick each day for the next 3 mornings, but each one came up nada.  Nonetheless, I just knew we had a fourth family member on the way for sure when the Tired hit.

The Tired is like an evil mist that comes from nowhere and seeps out of my bone marrow.  Almost-but-not-quite dizziness, it's a flavor of utter exhaustion I've never experienced at any other time in my life...except when I was pregnant with the Kid.

When it really hit the first time, we were sitting in the airport in Sacramento waiting for our flight home.  

"I'm so tired.  The tests have to be wrong," I told Sweet Husband.

"Well, I'm really tired, too.  It could just be from traveling," was his supposed-to-be comforting reply.

Then my head twisted around The Exorcist style and I yelled in a deep, demonic voice, "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE TIRED!"

Actually, that last part may have just happened in my imagination.  In reality, I think I just smiled, nodded, and asked him if he would be a dear and keep our toddler from boarding a plane to China for a few minutes.

But then, as we were flying over the Sierras, the super power sense of smell hit, too.  I was dead-to-the-world asleep, when Sweet Husband opened a bag of chili-lime beef jerky a few seats over.

"You can never open that ever again," I told him as I tried to inhale my airplane sippy cup of Coke to drown out the wretched smell.

The next morning, I peed on the last test in my box.  I counted to 100, and then looked.

No second line.

I about threw the stick across the room.

But then, as I was just about to wrap it up and throw it away, I looked again.

" that?"  I thought, as I looked at a very faint "pregnant" line, that was gradually growing stronger.

Honestly, I was thrilled about the baby, but also very happy to know that I wasn't crazy.  

I wandered down stairs in my pj's and announced, "So, looks like we're having a baby afterall."