O Christmas Tree (Festival)

Img_4345_2Apparently, there's some sort of holiday fun going on in Lawrence just about every day from now 'till Christmas.  Apparently, I've lived here four holiday seasons and have been missing out on all kinds of festivities. 

No more! This year I've got my handy-dandy "Holiday Happenings" book and I'm ready to be holly and jolly!

This evening I got off to a good start at the "Festival of Trees".  I think this kind of thing is done in other places, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.  Businesses, scout troops, and etc. all decorate trees and auction them off to the highest bidder.  The proceeds of both the auction and the small charge to get in and see the trees all go to charity.

There was some of what you would expect, of course--a "Big 12" themed tree, an "Around the World" tree--but some were darned creative:

CollageA few more pictures are here.