Happy Mother (In-Law's) Day!


In the past, I have written about my mother on Mother's Day.  In the future, I suspect I shall also write about my awesome step-mom.  But this year we're going to talk specifically about my mother-in-law.

Because it's not enough to say that she helped raise my husband, although I appreciate the fruits of that labor every-darned-single-day.

And it's not enough to say that she's a rock-star grandma, although that's also true.  "Manga" is always the first to volunteer to take the Kid to the playground or crawl on the living room floor to build a train track.

No, what I really love about my mother-in-law is that she always seems to think of the things no one else does and she's not afraid to just dig in and do them.

Last weekend when she was visiting, I got a call from her as I was waiting outside the Kid's gymnastics class.

"I think I want to plant some flowers at the head of your driveway.  Do you care what kind?"

The spot has been neglected for so long that it took me a minute to even think of what she was talking about.

"Oh yeah," I remembered, "Huh...eh, just whatever looks pretty."  And then I said, in my own very sleepy head only, "One less thing, oh thank god."

When I got home, she'd already begun planting groups of dahlias and sunflowers--two of my favorites--having somehow found a toy shovel in the wilderness of our shed.  With the Kid's enthusiastic help, she dug the rest of the holes and watered--all while I propped myself up on Sweet Husband's old scooter and downed a bottle of cold water.

"Happy Mother's Day!" she grinned, as they finished up.