Wednesday Poll: Christmas Changes

TreeI really thought it was just me, but after reading this article and this one, I realized other people have gone through it too.  One year the holidays were just...different.  Still wonderful and happy, to be sure, but no longer truly magical.  It didn't have anything to do with presents, and I had stopped believing in Santa over a decade before, but something was just missing.

For a few years after, I tried so hard to get it back, but whatever "it" was it was gone for good.  And although I'm now very much at peace with this new, grown-up version of Christmas, I sometimes still can't help but wonder about the transformation....

So, for this week's Wednesday poll:

As you got older, was there a year that Christmas changed for you?  Why do you think it was?  Is there a cut-off age for "the magic of Christmas"?

Comment and discuss.