Mother's Day Tomatoes


After a few years, our Mother's Day is falling into a happy routine--coffee in bed, a bouquet of flowers, and a dedicated day to plant tomatoes.  I am perfectly pleased with this tradition, but when we went to buy the tomato plants today the lady at the greenhouse was a little disapproving.

"I hope these aren't your Mother's Day present," she said.

"They are!" I responded cheerfully.

"Well I hope they're at least going to plant them for you," she countered, giving Sweet Husband and the Kid a dark look.

"Not a chance!"  I smiled as I gathered my receipt and walked away.

Perhaps I'm underselling myself, but I can't think of a nicer thing to do in mid-May than to get the tomatoes and peppers (and this year cucs, too) in the ground.  

I could get used to the coffee in bed, too.