The Perils of the Food Chain

70687236sTonight, I came home from my lovely office Christmas party to a bird cage door that was slightly ajar and piles of feathers on the floor. 

No birds, no bodies, just feathers. 

After a thorough hunt, the answer to the mystery was clear--the dogs ate the birds.

I won't pretend I was madly in love with our lovebirds Duck and Chick, but they were certainly amusing and I've grown to love their squawking and other antics.  While they didn't care a fig for us, they were certainly always happy with each other and that was pleasing to me in it's own way.

And now they're gone...there weren't even bodies to bury, we had to scatter their feathers from inside the vacuum cleaner. 

I can't be seriously mad at the dogs--they were just doing what dogs do--but is it OK if I don't want them to kiss me or sleep with me for awhile?  And what's with crazy things happening to our pets around the holidays?  It's like some sort of hokey Christmas curse.