Spicy Secret Santa

Earlier this month I put my name in for a sort of international secret Santa called "Seasoned Eatings."  The game (hosted by Lindsay and Katie) went something like this:

"Your task is to find one spice, that is either local to your area or is representative of your cooking style.  Then you package it up and send it off to the blogger you are assigned to (this is how we will maintain the element of surprise). With the package you send to your secret recipient you will add a recipe for the spice you are including.  Then, when you receive your package in the mail you get to post a picture of the package and your reaction to the mystery ingredient."

For my giftee, I drew Morven of "Food Art and Random Thoughts" in New Zealand.  I didn't quite realize what I had gotten myself into until I started trying to think of a "local" Midwestern spice.  The problem is that--like many of the people that live in the Midwest--many of the spices we commonly cook with came from somewhere else in the not too distant past. 

But then I started reading Morven's blog, which oddly enough gave me an idea; she wrote, "BBQ ribs would rate as one of my favourite foods."  Ah yes, Kansas City barbecue.  Although I rarely partake in it myself, it is something that's pretty unique to my part of the world.  Thus I packed off a good portion of "Arthur Bryant's Rib Rub" and barbecue sauce, along with some hickory wood chips (which were sadly confiscated by the ministry of agriculture--darn!).

233582451mMy gift came from Lisa of "I've Got Seoul" in South Korea.  (Her posts about time zones and getting it into the mail late--here and here--cracked me up!)  Lisa sent me a packet of "Korean Red Spice" along with this recipe for tofu.

Having never really cooked with tofu before--although I do like it fried--I'm excited to try it out.  I think I might make up a batch for our pre-Christmas dinner munchie platter.  Thanks Lisa!

And also thanks to Lindsay and Katie for putting together such a fun exchange.  Can't wait to do it again next year!