Joyous Jumble and the Round-Up of Round-Ups

222828214mAbout a month ago, in conjunction with some of the other fun holiday baking challenges I was thinking about taking part in, I issued a challenge of my own:

"December is a month of holidays--from World Aids Day to New Year's Eve, from Night of the Radishes to Boxing Day it seems like there's something to commemorate or celebrate almost every day.  For this "Joyous Jumble", pick a December holiday that you would not typically celebrate and make a food associated with it.  It can be sweet or savory, difficult or super simple, traditional or with your own special twist--have fun!"

Hence the Joyous Jumble challenge was issued.  Although the number of entries was small, each one is a perfect little winter-time jewel that I can't wait to try....

Speculaas_meringue_with_marzipan__2Linda at "Make Life Sweeter" in the Netherlands made Speculaas Meringues with Marzipan Butter in celebration of Sinterklaas.  Linda explains, "Saint Nicolas is the patron saint of children (among other things). Each year on the 5th of December Sinterklaas and his helper 'Zwarte Piet' (Black Pete) bring presents to every child...correction: every child that has been good that is!"

Beignets_2Helen at "Tartlette" in South Carolina, USA made Sufganiyot (or Jelly Doughnuts) for some Jewish friends in celebration of Hanukkah.  Helen writes, "I know you can't tell from the pictures, and that is because I did not have time to take proper shots while the gluttons were devouring these, but they are filled with raspberry jelly. . . . It was a pleasure to see C's and the kids' face when I dropped these off. I shared some eggnog and coffee with them while listening to family stories and traditions. I also enjoyed reading more about this holiday that although not completely foreign to me, had not been explained in details and researching recipes as well as history was a fantastic part of blogging."

For my own entry, you will remember I made Saint Lucia Day buns to celebrate Saint Lucia's Day.

And here are the round-ups of all the other tasty food challenges and fun I've had this month....

Happy Christmas everyone!