Wednesday Poll: Like Mother....

When we want my dear grandmother to have a stress-free visit with us, we don't tell her we're coming.  Why?  Because when she has a head's up she plans for what seems like weeks in advance--menus and schedules and who's sitting where.  And, of course, we tease her about it to no end. 

But, a full two weeks before Christmas at my house this year, Sweet Husband found me sitting down with pad and pen mapping guessed it, menus and schedules and who's sitting where.  After a suspicious cough that sounded a little like my grandmother's name, he hurried away before I could ask his opinion on side dishes. 

This is just one of the many ways that I am slowly growing into my mother and grandmothers.

For this week's poll:

What is a good habit that you have that's like your parents or grandparents?  A bad one?  A funny one?

Comment and discuss.