Wednesday Poll: Three Things

CandlesThe other day, this BlogHer post popped up on my Google Reader:

"I used to think that I needed to be 100% green, needed to boycott all the businesses that engaged in unfair practices, needed to be entirely scrupulous about every aspect of my moral life.

"And if God had made me a saint, maybe I could do that. But He didn’t; and I am not; and I can’t.

"All I know is that I can do more than I am doing. I can be more active than I have been in making the world a better place for all. In terms familiar to me, I could be living my faith more fully.

"So……….. I want to start thinking about what three things I can do in the next few months that I am not doing now. And then I want to do them. And then I’d like to challenge all of you to do the same. Pick three things to do that you are not doing now that can help the world be a better place. Then do them.

"They can be tiny or big. They can cost money or just time. But whatever the thing is, it will help someone else, or improve the world in some way. Do them by April 1st."

I think many of the typical New Year's resolutions people make are a little selfish--losing weight, reducing debt, being more organized--and while those are admirable goals, I like this idea of making some unselfish "resolutions" as well.

So, for this week's poll:

What are three things you are not doing now that you can do in the next three months to make the world better?  I've picked my three and will list them in the comments.  Then on April 1st I'll post again and let everyone know how it's going and visa-versa.

Comment and discuss.