Wednesday Poll: Pay the Writers What They Want...Seriously

I've never considered myself a TV junkie.  I'm a big fan of "Grey's", and I'll watch "Dirty, Sexy, Money" and "Private Practice" if I happen to be home and not doing anything exciting.  But really, as far as planned TV watching goes that's about it.

WgsSo why is this writer's strike thing making me so crazy?

Well, in short, I think it's because it's January.  It's too cold and dark to really be outside, I've read most of the books I got for Christmas, and there's only so much you can do after 7:30 on a week night that doesn't involve needless eating, drinking, or shopping.  (And I'd rather ram toothpicks under my nails than watch reality TV.)  I've signed up for a little of this and a little of that at least a few nights a week, but on the whole--insert whiny four year old voice--I'm borrrrred.

So, for this week's poll:

What are you doing in the time you used to spend watching TV?  And does the fact that "American Gladiators" is now a prime time show completely disturb anyone else?  Or is it just me?

Comment and discuss.