Letterboxing on the Kaw

Don't ask what happened to #2--I numbered the boxes so that they'll make the most sense when they're all laid out, not in the order I'm placing them--but yesterday Sweet Husband, the dogs, and I placed Lovely Lawrence #3:  The Kaw.  Here's how to get to it:

Img_5080From downtown Lawrence, Kansas, take Massachusetts Street north until you get to the bridge that crosses the Kansas River (a.k.a. the Kaw).  Cross the bridge.  As you cross the bridge, if you look to your right you'll see the pictured large mural made of rocks in the north side of the river bank.  Make the first right turn after the bridge, and park your car near the park benches.

Climb up the hill to get to the trail that runs along the river.  Follow the trail east until you get to the mural.  Walk down the path on the eastern side of the mural until you get to the place where the edge of the mural comes to a point. 

From the lowest of the bricks that outline the edge of the mural, face directly away from the mural.  About 20 feet out into the rocks, you'll see an almost perfectly square hole.  (Here's an extra hint.)  Reach down into the hole to find the letterbox.  Be careful to watch for snakes!

5/26/08 UPDATE: This box is missing!  I have no plans to replace it at present, 'cause I'm frustrated with my boxes continually disappearing.

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(Letterboxing: P3 F5 X0 / Geocaching: P0 F2)