And I Shall Call It "The Summer of Making"

I am in manic crafty mode.  My hands just want to do.  So, rather than fight it, I've set myself up a separate "crafty summer bucket list" and I'm going to town.

For this week's pleasure: 


1. A potato basket.  Sweet Husband bought me this kit for Christmas, and I sat down for a very determined hour and a half to finally finish it today.  With two little kids in the house, basket weaving is never going to be my thing--it needs to be done in big chunks of time rather than little spurts here and there--nonetheless, I'm proud of my wonky weaving.

Peony embroidery

2. This lovely peony embroidery kit.  So pretty to stitch and the kit was very well put together!

Friendship bracelet

3. Friendship bracelets!  I made one of these for each of the kids Saturday afternoon, as they played bubbles nearby.  They were less excited than I was, but they each gamely chose colors and allowed me to tie one to their wrist.  Memories, so many memories!

Stitch embroidery

4. Another little stitch-y sampler (which came with the peony).  Really embroidery and cross-stitch are just so nice to do in the summer.  I've already ordered one other kit (this one, for my wee Jedi lad), and I'm waiting with baited breath for Alicia Paulson to release her newest larger pattern.

Does anyone else have major crafty plans this summer?