Christmas Cheeriness

Some holiday things that are making me happy this week....

Oh Christmas tree

A new ornament and a some very, very old ones.

Deck the walls with all the washi

Little Miss's favorite way to "deck the halls".  I'll be finding these bits of washi tape until July.  (And smiling every time I do!)

Santa mugs

Making a mental note to go scour the thrift store for just one or two more Santa mugs.

Lego advent calendar

The Kid is enthralled with his advent calendar this year.  We got one with chocolates in it, too, but Legos win.

Twinkle lights

Every night when I get home I'm thankful for the twenty seconds it took me to drape these twinkle lights.

Snow boot silliness

We've been keeping our postman busy with packages to and from family, but I only let them open one early--the snow boots I knew their Auntie was sending.

store windows

We were having a hell of a witching hour last Saturday, so I declared it time for "hot chocolate and a walk through the downtown Christmas windows".

At the christmas tree lot

Our first tree this year was not good.  I was a little miffed at having to go buy a second, but then I saw her eyes under the tree lot lights.

ice skating rink lights

Ice skating is not our thing...yet.  But it's pretty to go watch.

Sleeping with twinkle snowflake lights

I think I've taken a variation of this same picture on at least five different nights now.  It never gets old.