November Habit

For several years during the month of November, I joined the ladies of the (now sadly defunct) Habit blog in taking a photo each day and writing just a few words (I think the original rule was 36 words) to go with it.  I loved the tradition so much, that I've kept on (using Instagram) even since the blog was shuttered.

Here are a few of my favorites from this month so far.

[P.S. Turkey count is up to 8, as of this writing--keep those Thanksgiving meals coming, friends!]

Nov 2

Nov 2 :: I read an article the other day touting human touch as a miracle drug, capable of curing everything from cancer to colds. I know it was an overstatement, but for my first 15 minutes hugging the kids at the end of the day? I believe it.

Nov 3

Nov 3 :: "Do the work." Sometimes it seems futile; other times your child eats a plate full of Brussels Sprouts for the first time without complaint.

Nov 4

Nov 4 :: I stopped for an hour to talk about babies and eat French fries. Those are two very encouraging things.

Nov 7

Nov 7 :: These little jade plants were the first "decoration" I brought to my first office. (Before I'd passed the bar even.) Sometimes I forget to water them; sometimes they're down to spindly stalks dropping leaves all over. They desperately need to be re-potted. But somehow they just keep carrying on.

Nov 9

Nov 9 :: They both crawled in bed with us this morning, and--for the first time in awhile--I took comfort in how warm and solid they were rather than resenting having to share my space.

Nov 12

Nov 12 :: I've been so low key about this race, so I was a bit touched when (the little) he thought of this all on his own.

Nov 13

Nov 13 :: My two favorite things lately: 1) The way she tries to say "I love you" in French. "J't't't'aime Mommy!" 2) When she says, "Mama go run?" with big, impressed eyes.