Happy Birthday Little Man!

70580872mIt's so very hard to believe he used to be this tiny and cute.  And--as we said often at the time--he was very lucky to be so.  There are days being adorable was all that saved him from being sold to gypsies!

Several pairs of underwear, five pairs of shoes, at least four electronic gadgets, various and sundry pieces of woodwork, and three years later....Happy Birthday Moe!

Img_5277UPDATE:  Moe spent his birthday at home, got to take a shower (which is his favorite thing, but a special treat in the winter when it's cold out), and took a long nap on Mom's tummy.  (Thank you MLK day and lovely government jobs!)  Dad (a.k.a. Sweet Husband) brought home ice cream for both dogs, which--once we blew out the candles and took it out of it's plastic cup--Moe ate in one huge gulp.  I don't know if dogs get ice cream headaches--and he didn't act like it bothered him if it did--but my head almost hurt just watching it!